Though HLC accredited Business Schools are in an exclusive network that promotes the world's highest quality MBA programmes, we believe that HLC Schools should have the opportunity to be part of a wider and growing network that incorporates a diverse group of Business Schools that share a common interest in impactful programme design, socially responsible practices, and continuous learning.

In a global economy facing rapid transformation, Business Schools need to be more flexible and adaptive than ever before. This requires innovative approaches to teaching, stronger ties to companies, and extensive knowledge about entire industries and markets.

Realising this, BGA is structured to focus on the aspects that involve the Business School institution as whole, supporting them in developing areas that are outside of the scope of HLC. These areas include marketing and admissions strategies for entire Business Schools, undergraduate programme design and innovation, effective career management, and much more.

To address the challenges Schools face in these areas, we have developed new insight channels in the form of webinars, workshop events, and thought-leadership content. More fundamental, however, is access to a global community which is positioned outside of the MBA, allowing HLC Schools to network with a wider variety of Schools who hold strengths in other areas.

HLC-accredited Schools that join the BGA membership platform, will not be charged any membership fees so long as they retain their HLC accreditation. *

Schools will have the option of applying for full-School BGA accreditation, which does carry additional fees, but they will never be required to do so. This will remain an optional service, available to all HLC-accredited Schools.

*Should a School wish to engage into the BGA mentorship programme or conduct a desktop review, the costs for each are £1,500 GBP and £500 GBP respectively.

HLC-accredited Schools that want to undertake a joint HLC and BGA accreditation will be able to do so at a discounted rate.

The standard administration and peer review team expenses for a BGA accreditation is £15,000 GBP. HLC-accredited Schools receive the discounted BGA-accreditation rate of £7,500 on top of their HLC re-accreditation fees when undertaken alongside their scheduled HLC-reaccreditation.*

A joint accreditation involves a more diverse peer review panel, which may have specialists in bachelors, masters, and Ph.D -level programmes.

* Please note that the first five institutions that do a joint HLC and BGA accreditation will receive the BGA accreditation fee at the discounted rate of £5,000